The Links is an exceptional 18-hole golf course located in the north-west of Mauritius.

The course was co-designed by Open Champion Louis Oosthuizen and renowned architect Peter Matkovich.

Inland, it offers very typical Mauritian landscapes.

Geographical location of "The Links" golf course

The Links Golf Club is located in the Flacq region of north-east Mauritius.

The golf course is just a short drive from the beach and the nearest town.

Players can enjoy views of the surrounding mountains and the sea while playing their favourite course.

Facilities at "The links" club

The club has a restaurant, bar, golf shop and driving range.

Players can also take advantage of the swimming pool, spa and fitness room.

The staff at the club are friendly and helpful, making the playing experience enjoyable for players.

The Links golf course

The golf course has 18 holes.

There are 5 tee positions: the Golden Tee for professionals (5,942m); the White Tee (Tournament Tee) is 6,498m; the Blue Tee for men (5,557m) and finally the Red Tee for ladies (4,177m).

Below is a detailed description of each hole:

Details of the first 6 holes:

Hole 1 – PAR 4, 360m, not too difficult for this first hole which starts high up with a panoramic view over the whole course.

Hole 2 – PAR 5, 512m, a good length for this dog-leg PAR 5. The most powerful hitters will be able to reach the green in two shots.

Hole 3 – PAR 4, 342m, with a slight left hook after a drive to a large landing area, the player is faced with a second shot over water. First hole to be played in windy conditions.

Hole number 4 – PAR 4 of 312m with a fairly rough uphill slope. A hole that will give you a hard time!

Hole 5 – PAR 4, 370m, left-hand bend. Anticipate the dogleg to score better.

Hole 6 – 504m and PAR 5, magnificent scenery on this 6th hole with volcanic rocks surrounding the green.

Details of holes 7 to 12 :

Hole 7 – PAR 5, 127m, is fairly short and will take you through rocky landscapes.

Hole 8 – PAR 4 of 340m curves to the right. Keep your game on the left side of the fairway to reach the green more easily.

Hole 9 – PAR 3, 146m, fairly complicated. This is surely the most convoluted hole on the course and one that will give you a hard time. What’s more, the course climbs over a hill, which adds to the difficulty.

Hole 10 – PAR 5, 518m – after going up, you come back down! So keep your strength under control to reach the green.

Hole 11 – PAR 3, 146m in the water! The lake on the left-hand side of the green won’t do you any favours.

Hole 12 – The difficulty is at its peak on this 414m PAR 4. You’ll have to play with the uphill slope and avoid falling into the water after the second shot.

Details of holes 13 to 18 :

Hole 13 – A 360m PAR 4, the finishing flag is surrounded by water (3 sides), so don’t over-shoot!

Hole number 14 – A small PAR 3 of 135m, easy? … not so much…. you’ll need to be very precise if you don’t want to affect the score.

Hole 15: 354m for a pretty straight Par 4. The line is straight but the path to get there is hilly!

Hole number 16 – 355m Par 4, a pretty dog-leg on the right. Watch out for the slope, it can be misleading!

Hole 17 – PAR 4, 285m, you’ll need to hit it hard for this PAR 4, but make sure you dose it right or you’ll be penalised on the left-hand side of the green. Favour the right-hand side of the green!

Hole 18 – PAR 4, 362m, with no visibility, you’ll have to aim to the left to gain visibility. The second shot will be over the water for this last hole, which offers a historic setting with a view of the old lime kiln.

The Links golf course in video

Prices and accessibility

Access to the Golf Link Reserve is reserved exclusively for members and residents of Constance hotels.

The new club will open in December 2023.

Access to the Links golf course is free for members of Constance hotels and their guests.

Preferred accommodation

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The Constance Belle Mare is closest to The Links golf course and offers exclusive access.

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Hotel Constance Prince Maurice

Constance Prince Maurice, in the immediate vicinity of the Bras d’eau nature park, is located at the end of the bay, opposite Malno Island.

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A stay at a Constance Group hotel gives you privileged and exclusive access to the Links and Legend golf courses.

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