Tips for traveling with your Golf Bag
Infographic on tips for taking your golf bag on the plane.

Our tips for flying with your golf clubs!

Bringing your own golf equipment on the plane can be a little tricky, but it’s certainly worth it if you plan to play golf regularly during your stay in Mauritius.

Air France or Emirates?

To come to Mauritius from France, the main choice will be between Air France or Emirates.

Here is some information on the Airfrance and Emirates websites about bringing golf clubs with a business ticket.

Air France

If you are travelling with Air France in business class, you are allowed to bring one golf bag weighing up to 23 kg as part of your baggage allowance. If you bring extra baggage, you may have to pay an additional fee. You can find more information about Air France’s baggage policy on their website.


Emirates also allows business class passengers to bring a golf bag as part of their baggage allowance. However, the bag weight limit varies according to route and class of service. You can check the Emirates website for the exact weight limit for your specific route. In addition, Emirates advises passengers to inform them of their intention to bring golf equipment at least 24 hours before the flight.

So choose Air France for your trip, which will be more accommodating with the weight of your bag.

Choose the right carry bag!

When it comes to transporting your golf clubs, it’s important to choose the right bag. There are three main types of golf bag: hard cases, soft cases and travel bags. Hard cases offer the best protection for your clubs, but are also the heaviest and least flexible.

Soft cases are lighter and more flexible, but they don’t offer as much protection.

Travel cases are the lightest and most flexible option, but they don’t offer as much protection as hard or soft cases.

If you’re looking for the best bag to carry your golf clubs, it’s important to consider your specific needs. If you are concerned about protecting your clubs, a hard case may be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for a lighter, more flexible option, a soft case or travel bag may be a better choice.

Shipping your golf bag

Shipping your golf equipment to your destination can be a good option if you want to avoid the hassle of travelling with your golf clubs. Freight forwarding companies can pick up your golf equipment and transport it directly to your destination hotel or golf club. This option can be less expensive than travelling with your equipment, especially if you’re travelling with high-value golf clubs. What’s more, shipping means you don’t have to carry your golf bag through airports and taxis, which can be tiring and stressful. Before shipping your golf equipment, it’s important to check the shipping costs, delivery times and insurance offered by the various shipping companies to make sure you choose the best option for your budget and needs.

Use an AirTag

Placing an AirTag in your golf bag is a great way to ensure it doesn’t get lost on your travels.

An AirTag is a small tracking device that can be easily attached to your bag and linked to your iPhone, allowing you to locate it quickly and easily if it goes missing. This can give you peace of mind and save you the hassle and expense of replacing a lost or stolen bag. Simply attach the AirTag to a secure place on your bag and connect it to your iPhone via the Locate app. Then, if your bag is lost, you can track its location on a map and receive notifications when it’s found.

Pack your bag

Packing your golf clubs tightly is essential to avoid damage during travel. There are a few key things to bear in mind when packing your clubs. Firstly, remove the club heads and wrap them in bubble wrap or foam to protect them from scratches and dents. Next, place the clubs in a sturdy travel bag or hard case. Make sure the clubs are tightly packed and cannot move during transport, as this can cause them to bang against each other and cause damage. Finally, use towels or clothing to fill any gaps in the bag and provide extra padding. By packing your clubs carefully and securely, you can ensure that they arrive at their destination in good condition and ready for a round of golf.

I hope this information will help you plan your next trip to Mauritius and enjoy playing golf on this beautiful island!