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Beachcomber Golf Cup: 16th and 17th May 2024

The Beachcomber Golf Cup: A Captivating Tradition of Golf Excellence in Mauritius

Since its exciting beginnings, the Beachcomber Golf Cup has risen to the top of the international golfing scene, illuminating Mauritius with its sporting brilliance and elegance.

Now in its fifth year, this exciting competition brings together teams of two amateur players, providing a unique platform for golf enthusiasts in Mauritius to showcase their talent and competitive spirit.

The 24 participating clubs, spread across France, help to make this event an exceptional showcase for golf in Mauritius.

A Competition in Three Acts : The Evolution of the BGC

Its history is marked by constant evolution and growing popularity. 

From March to September, the first regional qualifying phase takes place in the 24 participating clubs. 

The aim is to offer a wide range of licensed golfers the chance to take part in this unique experience.

Then, in October, the national final is held on the prestigious Saint-Germain course (78), bringing together the winners of each qualifier for a high-level showdown.

The grand final in Mauritius from 17 to 20 May 2024, reserved for the top 4 teams from the national final.

Glorious names: Winners of the BGC

The list of Beachcomber Golf Cup champions is an eloquent testimony to the golfing elite in Mauritius.

Talented golfers have etched their names in the history of this prestigious competition.

Among them, illustrious names such as James Kingston, who conquered the title of Order of Merit in 2022, and Barry Lane, winner in 2018, have entered the pantheon of Mauritian golf legends.

Their dazzling performances have added an aura of greatness to the Beachcomber Golf Cup, making them icons of the Mauritius golf scene.

The highlight of the Beachcomber Golf Cup is the Grand Final in Mauritius.

The top teams from the national final qualify for this memorable event, which takes place at the sumptuous Paradis Golf Club.

This magnificent, internationally renowned course, bathed by the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, offers an enchanting setting for golfers aspiring to an exceptional golfing experience in Mauritius.

Intense competition blends with the natural beauty of the surroundings, creating an electrifying and memorable atmosphere.

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Taking part in the Beachcomber Golf Cup: an unforgettable adventure

The BGC is a unique opportunity for passionate golfers to enjoy an exhilarating sporting experience in Mauritius.

The conditions for participation are simple: you must be of legal age, be a member of a European golf federation and form a team of two.

The games will be played as a team scramble over 6 holes, in match play or hole by hole, adding a strategic dimension to the whole competition.

Participants will have the chance to enjoy an exceptional golfing experience in the heart of Mauritius, combining competition with the discovery of a top golfing destination.

In short, the Beachcomber Golf Cup is much more than just a Mauritius golf competition.

It is an annual celebration of sport, healthy competition and golfing excellence.

The winners write their names in history, joining the prestigious circle of champions of this legendary competition.

With the majestic backdrop of the Paradis Golf Club, the Grand Final in Mauritius promises to provide participants with a memorable golfing experience, combining fierce competition with natural beauty.

An unforgettable golfing adventure that will leave lasting memories in the hearts of golf enthusiasts in Mauritius.