Anahita Golf Club is an 18-hole championship golf course in Mauritius.

It was designed by renowned architect Ernie Els and offers an exciting challenge for golfers of all levels.

The course covers more than 6,300 metres and offers spectacular sea views.

Geographical location

The course at Anahita Golf Club is designed to provide an exciting challenge for golfers of all abilities. Each hole is unique with interesting features such as strategic bunkers, sloping fairways and sloping greens. Golfers can expect a varied and stimulating playing experience on every hole.

Anahita Golf Club is also a popular choice for golfing events such as tournaments and competitions. The course has been used to host several international events, making it one of the most prestigious courses in Mauritius.

Club facilities

In addition to the golf course, Anahita Golf Club also offers a variety of services for golfers, including a luxurious clubhouse, golf shop, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa and gym. Golfers can also benefit from the assistance of qualified professionals to improve their game, as well as a driving range for practice.

The Anahita golf course

The 18-hole, 6,828-metre course is ideal for players of all abilities.

A true golfing legend, Ernie Els designed Anahita Golf Club in 2008.

Here is a description of the course.

Hole 1 is a par 4 called Tortoise Corner. To avoid the deep bunker on the right, you’ll need a good drive. So it’s best to use a wood. As the green slopes from left to right, it’s advisable to aim for the left-hand side of the green to allow the ball to roll towards the hole.

Hole 2 is a par 5 called Old Stone Aquaduct. Go hard from the start to give yourself a chance of a Birdie or Eagle. Try to aim as close to the wall as possible. Access to the green is protected by a large mango tree and a bunker on the right, which you’ll need to avoid. Use the open space in front of and behind the green.

Hole 3 is a par 4 (The Virgin & The Child). There are a number of bunkers on this hole, so on the whole, favour the right-hand side of the fairway and the green.

Hole number 4 is a par 5, called Ocean Drive, and starts you off facing the sea. It’s a sublime view, and facing the sea means facing the wind! Take your drive out and go left, then right to reach the hole.

Hole 5 is a par 3. In Mangroved Nest, the wind will come at you from the right. Use it! And don’t go against it. You’ll have to get past the water hazard on the right, which fills up with the tides and adds a certain charm to this hole.

Hole 6 is a par 4 and is called Mystery Pond. Beware of the marshes and bunkers placed to complicate your task.

Hole 7 is a par 4 (Mango Orchad). Don’t take too long on this hole, it’s the best way to miss! And watch out for the wind behind you, which tends to push the ball.

Hole 8, a par 3 called Manta Ray. This is a long hole of over 200m, and you’ll need to opt for a hybrid club or a fairway wood. There’s a bunker on both sides, so don’t be afraid to hit it hard!

Hole 9 is a par 4 called Lazy Burn. Win big or lose big, that’s how this hole sums it up. Watch out for the creek that meanders along the fairway – the further you aim, the more dangerous it becomes!

Hole 10: Coconut Grove, is a fairly short par 4. Pretty coconut trees run the length of this hole, so be sure to position your ball well.

Hole 11 or Secret Bay, watch out for the deep bunkers, especially the one defending the green…

Hole 12 is a Par 3, named Bougainvillea Zuietude, and is sure to surprise you with the wind coming from the right. Use it! Apart from that, the hole is fairly easy.

Hole 13 is a long, uphill Par 5 called Holy Hill. With the green protected by bunkers, use the wind!

Hole 14 is a classic Par 4 with a pretty landscape of volcanic rocks that divide the fairway diagonally. The nickname of this hole? Scottish Taste! If you’re not a big hitter, play it in 3 shots!

Hole 15 is a long Par 4 called Lubine Basin. The superb view of the bay and the Lubine Basin gave it its name. Watch out for the deep bunkers that protect the green, probably using a hybrid club.

Hole 16 (Pinnacle Point), a Par 4 named after its magnificent view over Deer Island. Because of the bunkers on the right, aim left!

Hole 17 is a short Par 3 named Turquoise Lagoon. Once again, the scenery is breathtaking.

Hole 18, the final hole, is a Par 5 named Sugar Estate Ruins. For a brilliant finish, this sumptuous hole will delight strong hitters. Birdie in 2 or 3 shots? The wise thing to do is to enjoy the last hole in 3 😉

The Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort & Spa course in video

Prices and accessibility

If you are a resident of the Hotel Anahita Golf resort & Spa, then golf is free on the two fabulous 18-hole courses at Anahita or Ile au Cerfs.

Free golf includes :

one green fee per person per night
55 practice balls on the Anahita or Ile aux Cerfs courses.
–> A golf cart is available at an additional cost (free cart on the Anahita course only).


Preferred accommodation

Anahita Golf & Spa resort, live the exception!

As mentioned earlier, Anahita hotel residents have very privileged access to the paradise golf course, with no extra charge for access to the green!

4 categories of accommodation, from junior suites, prestige suites to prestige and deluxe villas with up to 5 bedrooms.

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A fabulous stay awaits you here, don’t hesitate any longer!